We're a proud carrier of HALO Water Systems. Your water should make you feel happy and healthy. However, you need to have your water tested by SC Plumbing & Drain Cleaning to make sure that your water isn’t having the exact opposite effect on you and your family. Countless microorganisms and toxins may exist in your tap water and can contribute to allergy symptoms and disease. Filtering these issue-causing agents from your drinking water with a HALO Whole-Home Water Treatment System will significantly reduce your internal toxic load and may improve your body’s natural ability to deal with allergy symptoms.

Tap water is safe in many places, but that doesn’t mean you’re not ingesting impurities. Depending on where you live, you might be drinking bacteria, chemicals, and debris floating around in your municipality’s water system. Having a HALO Whole-Home Water Treatment System means that you never have to worry about the negative effects of poor water quality. Plus, drinking water is great for you, and you’ll drink more water with a HALO system.

Scale in pipes, water heaters and other appliance reduces operational life, drastically shorten the lifespan on dishwashers, coffee makers, water heaters, faucets and showerheads due to clogging and constant corrosion by hard water mineral deposits. Having a HALO Whole-Home filtration system protects your home, extends the life of your appliances so you can stop repairing & replacing and start saving.

The wrong water in your shower can impact the health of your hair and your skin. It can also limit the way that soaps lather and moisturize your skin leaving you with dry, dull hair or itchy skin. In addition, although you are not digesting this water, it still enters your pores and has the ability to affect your skin in a potentially negative manner. You’ll notice a difference as your HALO Whole-Home Water Treatment System makes you feel fantastic as it hydrates and nourishes your body. So let At SC Plumbing & Drain Cleaning take care of any water issues you may have, so you can focus on what matters most - running your home smoothly. Let SC Plumbing & Drain Cleaning be your go-to plumbing company for all your needs!


  • Brad and Ken were absolutely awesome. They provided excellent service in a timely manner with a MAJOR drain clog. They communicated through out the process as to what they found and how they would fix it. They were extremely professional and have the best rates in town. Would recommend to anybody to use their service.

    Sarah M.
    5 Star Google Review
  • Brad Snipes was fantastic. We had an unexpected issue with busted water pipes when our daughter arrived to our house. Brad made it out same day called. He also took the time to make sure anything else plumbing related was checked and repaired without us asking. You don't find great service like this to often.

    Pam H.
    5 Star Google Review
  • Brad and his team are amazing! They replaced a water heater for us quickly and did a great job. Special shout out to Nick, who helped get the job done. We highly recommend SC Plumbing.

    Joy M.
    5 Star Google Review
  • These guys sent a professional guy out for a service call to my parents home. He reset both toilets and change the internal parts of them as well. While there he was able to fix a shower door for them. They were prompt and respectful to my parents. I appreciate knowing good people that will not take advantage of others that are not capable of doing the task that were performed. Thanks again!

    Michael T.
    5 Star Google Review
  • I called this business and expressed what I thought were my issues. They came out the next day first thing in the morning and had my bathrooms and kitchen wrapped up in no time! Great services and worth the price!

    David D.
    5 Star Google Review
  • I was pleasantly pleased with the Service that received from SC Plumbing. So Professionly repaired my Leaking Shower. Came as scheduled and checked my toilets and faucets as well!

    Julianne B.
    5 Star Google Review
  • Awesome service. Called they came quick worked on the tankless Hott water for one of my clients. Super quick, affordable and stress free. I would highly recommend them for all services!

    Tucker D.
    5 Star Google Review
  • Very quick to respond. Ken was very professional and polite. Arrived on time. Job was completed as expected. I will definitely call them again.

    Carol C.
    5 Star Google Review
  • I had a tough clog in my sewer drain and Brad took the time and had the expertise to get rid of the clog without leaving any mess. So glad all my plumbing is working again!

    Irene H.
    5 Star Google Review
  • Had a very persistent clog in my downstairs bathroom that another plumber couldnt figure out. Dave and Ken came out with some very cool technology (pipe camera and tracker). Located the problem and showed me pictures of where the problem was. Then ran a jet through the problem and flushed the line. Then went back and camera the entire line to look for problems all the way to the street.

    David F.
    5 Star Google Review