Signs You Need Drain Cleaning

  • Water drains more slowly than normal
  • Recurring or frequent clogs
  • Unpleasant odors or sewage smell
    Flooding or backups

Drains that don’t flow like they should can be a nightmare for homeowners. Whether your drain is clogged, running slow or just smells terrible, you need a solution and you need it quick. For residents facing recurring issues, our skilled drain repair specialists are standing by to assist you. Anywhere in Murrells Inlet or the surrounding areas, we are just a call away to help you get your drainage system in good working order.

SC Plumbing & Drain Cleaning, offers same-day service for emergency drain cleaning, as well as upfront pricing and a 100 % customer satisfaction guarantee. So whether it’s regular maintenance or an urgent drain issue, we are there to assist you in providing quick drain repair in Murrells Inlet.

Clogged sinks and drains are the most common service call we receive, so you are not alone. Drain clogs happen for many reasons and stoppages can occur anywhere, from easily accessible piping under sinks to further down the main drain lines. No matter the issue, you can rely on SC Plumbing & Drain Cleaning, to get your pipes running smoothly, so you can focus on life’s more important matters.

Tips For Preventing Clogged Drains

  • Do not put grease, oil or coffee grounds down the drain
  • When using the garbage disposal, always run cold water
  • Install strainers on all your drains
  • Pay attention to what you put down your drain
  • Have your drains cleaned regularly to eliminate buildup

What is Sewer Jetting?

Sewer jetting is the process of using highly pressurized water to unclog your pipes. It’s a method used by skilled plumbers and is one of the most effective and eco-friendly ways to unclog your sewer or drain line.

How Does Sewer Jetting Work?

A nozzle is inserted into the clogged pipe, once its turned on the forward nozzle blasts water of up to 4,000 PSI. Meanwhile the nozzles pointing back will self-propel the device forward.

When is Sewer Jetting Useful?

Sewer jetting service is best used for clogged sewer and drain lines, and can remove the following:

  • Dirt and debris
  • Grease
  • Scale
  • Roots

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  • Brad and Ken were absolutely awesome. They provided excellent service in a timely manner with a MAJOR drain clog. They communicated through out the process as to what they found and how they would fix it. They were extremely professional and have the best rates in town. Would recommend to anybody to use their service.

    Sarah M.
    5 Star Google Review
  • Brad Snipes was fantastic. We had an unexpected issue with busted water pipes when our daughter arrived to our house. Brad made it out same day called. He also took the time to make sure anything else plumbing related was checked and repaired without us asking. You don't find great service like this to often.

    Pam H.
    5 Star Google Review
  • Brad and his team are amazing! They replaced a water heater for us quickly and did a great job. Special shout out to Nick, who helped get the job done. We highly recommend SC Plumbing.

    Joy M.
    5 Star Google Review
  • These guys sent a professional guy out for a service call to my parents home. He reset both toilets and change the internal parts of them as well. While there he was able to fix a shower door for them. They were prompt and respectful to my parents. I appreciate knowing good people that will not take advantage of others that are not capable of doing the task that were performed. Thanks again!

    Michael T.
    5 Star Google Review
  • I called this business and expressed what I thought were my issues. They came out the next day first thing in the morning and had my bathrooms and kitchen wrapped up in no time! Great services and worth the price!

    David D.
    5 Star Google Review
  • I was pleasantly pleased with the Service that received from SC Plumbing. So Professionly repaired my Leaking Shower. Came as scheduled and checked my toilets and faucets as well!

    Julianne B.
    5 Star Google Review
  • Awesome service. Called they came quick worked on the tankless Hott water for one of my clients. Super quick, affordable and stress free. I would highly recommend them for all services!

    Tucker D.
    5 Star Google Review
  • Very quick to respond. Ken was very professional and polite. Arrived on time. Job was completed as expected. I will definitely call them again.

    Carol C.
    5 Star Google Review
  • I had a tough clog in my sewer drain and Brad took the time and had the expertise to get rid of the clog without leaving any mess. So glad all my plumbing is working again!

    Irene H.
    5 Star Google Review
  • Had a very persistent clog in my downstairs bathroom that another plumber couldnt figure out. Dave and Ken came out with some very cool technology (pipe camera and tracker). Located the problem and showed me pictures of where the problem was. Then ran a jet through the problem and flushed the line. Then went back and camera the entire line to look for problems all the way to the street.

    David F.
    5 Star Google Review